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Application Retirement: How to Disarm Your Ticking Timebombs

Legacy Application Retirement is a calculated approach for decommissioning antiquated and unproductive legacy applications – without jeopardizing business needs or compliance requirements. In today’s ever-evolving business climate, tech-savvy organizations are constantly delivering new applications to solve problems and provide benefit to their business users.

However, many have developed tunnel vision — focusing on the project more than the strategy. But without a strategy, legacy applications can sit on your landscape like ticking time bombs waiting to explode and cause disruption to your organization. Let us show you how to defuse the situation with proven best practices, processes, and value drivers!

Watch this webinar replay to learn if legacy application retirement is right for your organization, and how to execute it best using insights on:

  • Common requirements for legacy system data
  • Options on reporting data from legacy applications
  • Options & processes for retiring data from legacy environments
  • Comparison of legacy data migration /retirement /merger options
  • Impacts, benefits & ROI of retiring environments
  • Continuing to access data /docs after systems cease to exist

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